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The Player Stats Network

P-Stats stands for Player Stats Network which offers several different websites and services around game and player statistics.

Over time we have developed more and more different projects which had all their own user accounts and no real connection to each other. To bring everything together we developed the Player Stats Network. - Battlefield 4 Stats

BF4 Stats On 11th November 2013 we released our new website for Battlefield 4. It is also based on the latest framework which is used by NFS Times. This website focuses on individual player statistics and rankings for any item you can think about. - Need for Speed Times and Stats

NFS Times On October, 19th 2013 our new website for Need for Speed launched. It is based on a completely new developed software framework and works blazing fast. - Crysis 3 Stats

Crysis 3 Stats Our Crysis 3 stats website launched on 22nd February 2013 right when Crysis 3 from Crytek was released. - MoH Warfighter Stats

MoH Warfighter Stats We launched on date with the release of Medal of Honor Warfighter on 23rd October 2012. - Battlefield 3 Stats

BF3 Stats Our Battlefield 3 Project launched 27th October 2011. - Crysis 2 Stats

Crysis 2 Stats Crysis 2 Stats launched in May 2011. - Need for Speed World Stats

NFSW Stats September 2010 launched our first website for the Need for Speed franchise. - Medal of Honor Stats

MOH Stats Medal of Honor stats launched November 2010. - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats

BFBC2 Stats launched March 2010. - Battlefield 2142 Stats

BF2142 Stats Battlefield 2142 launched October 2006 as our second stats project. - Battlefield 2 Stats

BF2 Stats The German BF2 Statistics website is the oldest in this network and launched fall 2005.